Another large coal-fired power plant is to be built in Vietnam, this time a 1200 MW plant in central Quang Tri province.

The plant is to cost an estimated $2.4bn and will be part of an energy complex in Quang Tri, including a thermal power plant and a gas power plant, aimed at ensuring power supply serving the development of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.
Vietnamese flag
The development of the energy complex is in line with Vietnam’s energy development plan through 2020 and the joint statement on energy released at the fifth Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) summit in Bangkok.

The complex will connect energy and trade among the GMS nations as well as countries in ASEAN. Thai Deputy Energy Minister Praipol Koomsup highlighted Quang Tri’s potential as a gateway to Vietnam on the East-West economic corridor.

Coal-fired power is currently thriving in Vietnam. Last week a 1240 MW plant was commissioned ahead of schedule in Quang Ninh.