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All news, trends, markets, policy and legislation related to coal-fired power projects and the electricity generated from coal. News will cover the operations and maintenance of plants, including boilers, steam turbines, and flue gas cleaning systems. This explores coal as a fossil fuel with high emissions produced during combustion, as well as clean coal innovation.

coal retirement

Rapid coal retirement means massive benefits for Germany

The benefits would include Germany avoiding fuel & carbon costs and as well as taking advantage of and enjoying new clean power export opportunities.

San Juan coal plant stays open for CCS conversion

The coal-fired plant will not close within two years, but could operate for several years waiting for its new owners to raise funds for a carbon-capture facility.
coal retirement

India faces stranded coal assets as financing dries up

Much of India’s 33GW of coal-fired power capacity currently under construction and another 29GW in the preconstruction stage will end up stranded, according to IEEFA.

PSEG ends coal era with Bridgeport Harbor Station retirement

The final coal-fired power plant has been retired in both Connecticut and Public Service Enterprise Group's (PSEG) generation fleet.

IEA’s energy investment report shows coal is down but not out

The International Energy Agency's latest report reveals that while renewables dominate new power investment, coal is not out of the picture.
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Are coal plants heading for extinction?

Coal has been facing backlash from environmental communities for years, however, the atmosphere is becoming increasingly hostile.

Turning coal plants into storage assets

How E2S Power is giving otherwise stranded assets a second life in the renewable energy future. By Carlos Härtel.
Lignite mine

Poland opposes EU Court’s decision to shut coal mine

PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna said it cannot agree to closing the Turów lignite mine, as it supplies electricity to 3.7 million of Polish households.
Lignite mine

Greece commits to 2025 coal phase-out

Greece’s Public Power Corp. has announced that its coal-fired thermal power plant Ptolemaida 5 will be converted to gas in 2025, three years earlier than planned.
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ENGIE Chile to close entire coal portfolio by 2025

ENGIE Chile has released its energy and business transformation strategy as the company seeks to decarbonise its operations.

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