Pierre Kayoun of Nexans explains how the Transgreen initiative intends to export 5 GW of energy produced by renewable sources in the Mediterranean Basin to Europe. 

Belzona Polymerics Limited, providing solutions to industry for over 55 years through the design and manufacture of polymer repair composites and industrial protective coatings, has announced a proven solution to prevent the detrimental effects of erosion corrosion within heat exchangers.

The Spain-Morocco II contract, which is split on a 50:50 basis between Pirelli and Nexans, was the largest contract awarded to the submarine power industry in 2003.

Bahrain: Alstom has signed a contract valued at around g40m ($51m) with Alba Aluminium Bahrain to supply six top mounted combustor chambers equipped with Alstom's advanced burner technology.

The Dutch government has said that it will delay full opening of the country's gas and electricity markets by six months in order to give companies more time to prepare for full competition.

A think tank in Brazil has said that the country's power sector needs over $82bn to avoid power shortages in 2007.