For the best opportunities in electricity today, all roads lead to China, and in April, industry leaders from around the globe traveled to Shenzen for a panoramic view of the many business avenues and challenges. The Second Power Engineering International China Electric Power Industry Forum, focusing on the nation`s growing electric power generation industry, surveyed both the present and future profiles of the local electrical industries.
Ansaldo Energia

Solartron Instruments Inc., in conjunction with Ansaldo Energia, has successfully commissioned a Monsor turbine on-line condition monitoring system (CMS) at Mincio Thermal Power Station in Italy. The system is expected to make a major contribution to the station`s program to extend the operating life of its 80- and 160-MW turboalternators.

Brigadier-General Boey Tak Hap has been promoted to chief executive and board member of the Public Utilities Board (PUB) in Singapore. He replaces Lee Yong Siang, who is retiring. General Boey is also the new president and CEO of Singapore Power, which will take over the PUB`s power and gas assets when the industry is privatized. Other key appointments include: Choy Hon Tim, deputy chief executive of operations; Ong Ho Sim, deputy chief executive of finance and administration; and Chan Yoon Kum,

Kelvin Bray has been appointed GEC Alsthom`s Power Generation Division managing director, which has been set up by merging the activities of the electromechanical, gas turbine and diesel, and boilers and environmental systems divisions.

Electric utilities in Australia are facing far-reaching reforms to break down government-based monopolies and introduce new competition. The objective is to achieve reforms similar to those in the United Kingdom, creating a national grid to separate generators from distributors. Retail competition will be encouraged.