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Costs remain the bottom line for offshore wind

With so much enthusiasm for the industry’s future exhibited at the Glasgow-hosted Global Offshore Wind conference this week, it can often be difficult to get at uncomfortable truths.

Fracking in the UK

This week's Fracking: the Debate on Hydraulic Fracturing for Gas conference discussed the key issues the UK’s nascent shale gas industry is facing in its attempts to get off (or under) the ground. 

EU power sector not quite the GE canteen but wind chiefs...

Joking with one of the GE Power and Water Renewable Energy team at the European Wind Energy Association event in Barcelona this week, I asked her if those on the conventional power side and those on her own unit sat at opposite ends of the GE HQ canteen in Schenctady, New York. Her answer reinforced a consensus I hear a lot in energy sectors.

Shale gas debate characterised by rhetoric and hysteria

Since the publication of an Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ policy statement on UK shale gas in September 2012, we have consistently called for a technically literate, well-informed and evidence based discussion on this topic.

Toshiba deal further nuclear boost for UK

The news that Toshiba has successfully bought into NuGen, the nuclear newbuild company planning a reactor in northwest England, is further proof that the UK is the most promising nuclear destination in Europe.

The energiewende contradiction

To the chagrin of many in Germany, Merkel’s administration seems to be embracing the contradiction of an energiewende based on coal.

Mixed signals from Germany and Poland?

A leading proponent of carbon capture and storage last week pointed out that Poland was taking a lot of flak for its failure to implement CCS technology, when their western neighbour, lauded for its enlightened renewables policy hadn't exactly been a paragon of virtue in that regard.

Shale gas no danger to renewables say experts

There is a perception among some in – and many outside of – the power industry that the rapid rise in the use of shale gas will produce a fall in the utilisation of renewables.

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