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Is Hinkley rethink good or bad for state of UK energy...

The decision to postpone approval for Hinkley Point C taken by the government last week is not a stabilising one. British hesitance on the matter seems to contradict assertions that the country remains ‘open for business’ despite leaving the European Union. However, there are reasons to be positive about the new government’s likely approach to infrastructure in general and an early nuclear hiccough should not result in foreign investor panic – yet.

Hinkley Point C and its implications for the future of the...

The delay in the Government’s decision on Hinkley Point C is the latest example of how changes and uncertainty in policy direction are continuing to have a serious and unprecedented impact on important energy sector investment decisions.

Clash of energy civilisations and the public good

The UK has been rocked in the past fortnight by the seismic impact of the country’s citizens voting by a slim margin to leave the European Union and go it alone. The energy debate looks, by contrast, a much less complicated sideshow.

Five ways to accelerate the energy transition and balance the trilemma

The World Energy Council recently published its Trilemma Report, which provides an in-depth survey of the ways governments and the industry can work together in order to manage the next phase of our energy transition and embrace the new frontier, a sustainable energy future.

Five reasons for a ‘coal exit’

“After the nuclear exit comes the coal exit”. This statement, made recently by Germany’s Environment Minister, Barbara Hendricks, underlines the leading role that Germany wants to play on the road to a climate-neutral global economy.

The rise of renewables and the need for flexibility

Last week’s REN21 global status report confirmed what many of us expected – 2015 was a truly extraordinary year for renewable energy.

A growing deal imbalance and disruptive technology are reshaping utilities’ M&A

Deals within the global power and utilities sector hit a Q1 high in the first quarter of 2016 and illustrated the emergence of two major trends. Will a growing deal imbalance and the increasing impact of disruptive technology continue to shape M&A through 2016 and beyond?

How GE’s Alstom acquisition is helping power plant owners

GE’s recent acquisition of Alstom’s Power & Grid businesses gives the company a more robust global business presence at a time when the world is expected to invest a projected $17 trillion in power and grid technologies over the next 20 years to help develop more sustainable modern economies and improve the quality of life for the world’s population.

Supercharging energy storage

Storage has the power to prove itself as the backbone of our energy revolution. 

The risks of ignoring aging infrastructure

Aging energy generation and distribution infrastructure is rapidly becoming one of the biggest challenges facing utilities in developed countries. It has a huge impact on their ability to provide a reliable, cost effective and ‘future proof’ provision for end users.

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