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Defending the potential of electricity storage

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or even a nuclear scientist to understand why the nuclear industry might be fretting about electricity storage.”

Protecting operational technology with a top-down strategy

The merger of OT infrastructure with IT networks creates cybersecurity vulnerabilities that must be addressed to ensure power plant reliability and availability. 

What the Trump presidency means for the power sector

If you are to take him at his word, instead of writing it down to bombast and political expediency aimed at winning votes, the election of Donald Trump as 45th President of the United States is not good news for renewable energy or the battle against climate change.

Best practices for secure remote connectivity

By converging IT and OT environments, an energy supply company can have better control over operational processes and improve the overall reliability, safety and profitability of its production. However, this raises a new set of cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Watt laws? What is the best electricity market design of the...

Twenty years after the entry into force of the First Energy Package, the upcoming review of the EU electricity market design is a unique opportunity to push the European agenda forward and anticipate the future challenges of the electricity sector, which is rapidly transitioning towards a low-carbon economy.

More electricity price volatility as ‘Old King Coal’ is sent into...

Power output from Britain’s coal fired power stations has continued to decline rapidly, reaching a record low during the July-September quarter.

Asset visibility and inventory: the starting point for OT security

The convergence of OT and IT is helping managers make better decisions to improve operational reliability, safety and profitability. However, there are many cybersecurity risks that threaten the newly connected operational infrastructure of energy and utility service providers. 

Three issues facing the global energy industry

Here is an outline of some of the issues facing the global energy industry and how they will be addressed at the 23rd World Energy Congress in Istanbul  in mid-October.

Are network valuations at peak levels?

The attraction of investors to network assets is not new with their ability to generate long-term stable cash flows, much sought after in volatile times. But are these “safe bets” really as solid as they appear? 

It’s Time to Embrace a Digital Future

The world is expected to need 50 percent more power to meet expanding demand over the next 20 years. That represents a huge opportunity for our industry.

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