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Building a better world of smart structures on the smart grid

It is a truth universally acknowledged that billions of people around the world live in poverty. But does it have to be that way? Today’s technological progress means that tomorrow we will be able to produce more, more efficiently – lifting people above the breadline with accelerated economic growth all around the world. Key to these efforts are smart buildings. 

Renewables sector too resilient for Enron-style collapse

Big claims from the CEO of a major European utility often make headlines, especially so when doused in jeopardy. Recent statements from Ignacio Galan, the man at the helm of Spanish giant Ibedrola, that ‘Enron-style collapses’ could be around the corner in the renewables industry were certainly noticed. But how much of this is true, and how much could be attributed to a large incumbent trying to scare smaller, newer companies away from the sector? 

Is gas power about to supersede coal in Germany?

Germany has long been lauded for its Energiewende policy, but its achievement in facilitating renewables has been somewhat tainted by a continuing reliance on coal-fired power. With the German General Election coming up on the 24th September, there are some soundings that the relationship with coal is about to change, but not everyone is convinced.

Nation state attacks a greater risk to critical infrastructure than ransomware

Unlike most industries, ransomware is not the biggest threat facing critical infrastructure facilities today. The vast majority of attacks carried out against such facilities are sponsored by nation-states that are much harder to detect and have more dangerous goals than just making a quick buck.

Why automation may be utilities’ greatest test

Automation will create the greatest energy reform since 1881. Where will your company stand?

Give girls the power to dream of career equality

Coming from an all-girls school in the late 80s, I don’t think many would have expected me to embark on a career in manufacturing and engineering, never mind take on a role like the Director of Manufacturing for a global power company like Aggreko.

Is clarity in the eye of the beholder?

In my time covering the electric power industries at Power Engineering International one of the ever-present clichés, the catch cry no matter what your sector, is the call for ‘clarity’ so as to facilitate investment.

Vahrenholt rails against the ‘climate priests’

At a mid-January meeting in parliament buildings in London, Professor Fritz Vahrenholt provided a very detailed monologue on the motivations behind Germany’s energy transition, and why he feels it’s misguided and potentially disastrous.

Electric vehicles still in the foothills

An article in Power Engineering International magazine in 2013 by Penny Hitchin identified progress in the development of electric vehicles, as well as the barriers to progress.

What’s holding the British power sector back?

The head of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers’ energy department is eager to see what Theresa May’s government’s much awaited industrial strategy has in store for the energy sector, given the lack of clarity in recent years, and how it will be viewed in engineering circles.

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