Protecting your automation against outages

For food and beverage manufacturers, the absence of electrical power for even a brief amount of time can result in a loss of productivity, product and revenue. While some outages are scheduled for equipment maintenance or upgrades to take place, many businesses have fallen victim to unexpected outages.

Blockchain’s barriers to mainstream energy

Purchasing my first Bitcoins back in 2011 was a career-defining moment. Costing me around a hundred euros for three, after a few days of hard maths and complex theories, my hundred euro investment had led me to a new passion: the revolutionary â€Ëœchain of blocks' connecting those digital assets.

The digital twin explained

The pace of digitalisation in energy is increasing rapidly. In fact, global investment in digital electricity infrastructure and software has grown by over 20 per cent annually since 2014.

Why the electricity sector must switch to a cyber-first mindset

Wherever connectivity goes, vulnerability follows. And as the power sector becomes more central to our lives, electricity businesses must switch to a cybersecurity-first mindset.  

The market forces that pushed coal offline for five days in April

April 2018 saw three consecutive days without coal generation, from 10:00 on 21st to 13:30 on 24th.  This record run came in a month that also had a two-day period without coal, from 16th to 19th. Rob Lalor of power market analysts, EnAppSys looks at how this coal-free period was acheived.

Could utilities have adapted quicker to the global clean energy transition?

In an interview not long before the end of his presidency, Barack Obama was asked why it was proving so difficult to make the kind of radical changes people expected of his term in office.