Boston hotel to use CHP ‘on-site utility’

American DG Energy has reached an agreement to supply clean energy to the Doubletree Guest Suites Boston, a premier, all-suite hotel in Boston, Massachusetts, US.
Under the terms of the agreement, the Doubletree, will receive a significant portion of its energy from a 75 kW CHP system, which will be owned and operated by American DG.
The hotel will receive a discount on the energy produced by the CHP system and reduce its carbon emissions by an estimated 320 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.
The value of the 15-year agreement to the company is $1.3 million.
Under its ‘on-site utility’ model, American DG Energy will produce clean energy and sell it to the hotel at a price lower than the local energy utility.
Doubletree will pay only for the energy used and will avoid all capital, installation and operating costs. The small-scale CHP equipment will remain owned and operated by American DG. The company will also handle all service, maintenance and repair.
CHP systems offer considerable environmental benefits when compared with purchased electricity and on-site-generated heat from a boiler.
By capturing and utilizing heat that would otherwise be wasted from the production of electricity, CHP systems require less fuel than equivalent separate heat and power systems to produce the same amount of energy.
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