District cooling 'will grow to rival district heating'

4 June 2010 - Pipes for central cooling plants will become a big business area - just like the traditional district heating pipes, says Preben Tolstrup, CEO of Danish manufacturer Logstor and reported in the monthly newsletter of the Danish Board for District Heating.
Tolstrup suggests that there will be a huge potential market for district cooling, i.e. facilities which, through pipes in the ground, supply cooling fluid to operate cooling of buildings in urban areas, following the same principles as in district heating systems.
At the same time, the global platform of Logstor must be strengthened, says Tolstrup, who is reported to have no confidence in the European market any longer.
In a couple of years, Tolstrup believes, the district cooling market will be just as important as the district heating market is right now. At the same time, he wants to strengthen the company’s global position in the world market, because he doesn’t expect growth in the European markets.

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