US steel mill energy recovery plant will include GE turbine

6 May 2010 - GE plans to supply a gas turbine for a proposed steel mill project being developed by Air Products in Middletown, Ohio, to demonstrate that technology exists today to use waste gases to produce electricity and steam on-site.
Reducing the practice of flaring, or burning-off of by-product waste gases from iron and steelmaking operations can be a significant step on the path toward lowering energy costs and raising energy efficiency.
As part of the proposed facility, GE plans to provide a Frame 7EA gas turbine generator to Air Products for a new waste energy recovery plant. The facility would produce power using low BTU by-product gas from the adjacent AK Steel Corporation Middletown Works blast furnace.
Typically, blast furnace gas that is generated in iron and steelmaking operations is either recovered in low efficiency boilers or flared into the atmosphere. Instead of flaring, the process gas from the AK Steel Corporation Middletown Works blast furnace would be used to generate more than 100 MW of electricity and additional process steam for the steel plant.
Because of the environmental and energy cost benefits, this proposed waste energy recovery project is partially supported by funding from the US Department of Energy. The project’s regulatory review process is underway. The GE Frame 7EA gas turbine is tentatively scheduled for delivery in mid-2012, with commercial operation targeted for late 2013.

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