E.ON cogen plant trials GWR technology in Sweden

8 April 2010 - E.ON’s cogeneration plant in Örebro, Sweden, which was built in the early 1960s and produces electricity and hot water for district heating, now includes a ‘guided wave radar’ (GWR) level sensor trial from Emerson Process Management.
The plant uses two large condensers in which approximately 100-400 tonnes/h steam heats the water which is then used to provide heating in the Örebro district.
As the condensers were installed in 1974, E.ON decided to replace some of the plant’s old pneumatic instruments and valves. The company was planning to install an electronic displacer for level control of the condensers, but became interested in the possibility of using GWR technology following a discussion with Emerson.
E.ON's Instrument Manager, Per Lundmark, installed an electronic displacer and a Rosemount 5301 GWR, both in parallel with the old pneumatic displacer.
The Rosemount GWR device measured correctly and with high accuracy throughout the entire test and E.ON is to continue with the test in Örebro for a further 12 months or more before it has sufficient data to support the replacement of the existing pneumatic system.

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