Capstone in hybrid UPS system

Microturbine company Capstone Turbine Corporation has received an order for 12 of its patented C65 Hybrid Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) units.

The system is the first in the world that integrates low-emission microturbines directly with a dual-conversion UPS to provide power for mission-critical loads.

The order for a data centre is worth in excess of US$1 million dollars, Capstone says.

Capstone launched its Secure Power 83kVA-664kVA UPS product line in June 2008 and the new patented Hybrid product offers dual-conversion power electronics via three modes – high efficiency, standard UPS and emergency backup.

In addition, the company announced that it has signed up its fourth Secure Power UPS distributor, Regatta Solutions headquartered in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

'Capstone turbines when used as a UPS application are considered clean-and-green because they emit low greenhouse-gas emissions and do not produce hazardous materials common with traditional battery-based UPS systems,' said Darren Jamison, Capstone's president and CEO.

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