US fuel cell CHP trial

Plug Power Inc. and National Grid have announced a partnership with the US Department of Energy (DOE) to conduct a field trial of a fuel cell-based micro-CHP system.

The natural gas-fuelled 5 kW GenSys system will provide heat and power to a National Grid customer in New York State. The high-temperature proton exchange membrane was supplied by BASF Fuel Cell GmbH.

As part of the competitively selected project, Plug Power will design, build, install and test the GenSys unit while National Grid will facilitate site selection and installation and analyze the performance of the system, collecting critical data. Collaboratively, Plug Power and National Grid will determine system refinements for incorporation into the next-generation system design.

Andy Marsh, president and CEO of Plug Power, said: 'Plug Power has dedicated a decade to the development of its residential system. Our partnership with National Grid will help expedite commercialization, making 20%-40% reduction in home energy costs and 35% reduction in home carbon emissions obtainable for consumers.'

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