Biogas CHP plant for Italian farm

Azienda Agricola 2G di Giuseppe and Paolo Gomiero, two commercial farmers and cattle breeders in Limena, Italy, are to use a Jenbacher gas engine from GE Energy to power the Baita del Latte farm's first biogas plant.
The power plant will use biogas created by the digestion of slurry, as well as agricultural biomass materials such as corn and rye and allows Gomiero to address two common farming challenges: obtaining energy at sustainable prices and properly disposing of agricultural and animal wastes like cow manure and chicken dung.
GE Energy has supplied a Jenbacher type J320 GS cogeneration unit for this plant, which recently went into operation at the farmstead. The plant has an installed capacity of 1.06 MWe with an efficiency of 40.8%.
The power plant is also equipped with a heat recovery system that utilizes the waste heat from the jacket water, used to feed the biomass digestion process, the farm's housing facilities and cattle sheds.
The Jenbacher engine is fueled by biogas created from 20 m3 of cattle effluent and approximately 50 tonnes of biomass each day.
'The project is rewarding in terms of its economic return', said Paolo Gomiero, adding: 'The plant is seen as a successful demonstration project. We expect many other farms will follow us because this territory in the Veneto region has been chronically troubled with energy demands that traditional sources, like fossil fuels, have not been able to fulfil.'
Gomiero owns the Baita del Latte plant along with his two brothers, Roberto and Lorenzo.

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