Swiss CHP waste to energy plant refurbishment

Finland's Pöyry has been awarded a contract to provide project management and engineering services for the refurbishment of a CHP waste to energy plant in Winterthur, Switzerland.

The project comprises replacement of one of the existing incinerators, erection of an additional flue gas cleaning unit for dioxin removal, replacement of the energy conversion unit including a new extraction condensing steam turbine and some major adjustments in the civil structures of the plant. The upgraded facility will receive some 160,000 tonnes per annum of municipal solid waste and will produce both heat for district heating supply and 25 MW net of electricity. The existing plant will be continuing its operation during the construction works.

Pöyry's services include overall project management, civil design, support in the construction permitting procedure, design review of electromechanical equipment, site supervision of construction, commissioning and handover until project completion in 2013.

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