Climate of uncertainty 'prevents investment in DE technologies'

The Agency goes on to advocate diversification in new power plants, away from the natural gas-fired generation and subsidised wind energy that have taken the lion's share of new capacity additions in IEA countries during the past decade. But rather than moving to embrace high efficiency CHP or decentralized renewable plant as alternative and cleaner generation options, the IEA suggests that investors are showing signs of a shift in focus towards technologies such as 'high-efficiency' coal and nuclear power.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd (MHI) is to supply a 515 MW gas turbine-based CHP system to the Korea District Heating Corporation (KDHC). The plant is to be installed at KDHCʼs Paju city site in Gyeonggi-do, northwest of Seoul, and is scheduled to go on-stream in November 2009.

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