CHP plant for Belarus will be more than 90% efficient

A chemicals manufacturer in Belarus is to receive a new, €10 million CHP plant from Siemens Power Generation. The highly-efficient plant will comprise two SGT-300 gas turbines, two heat-recovery boilers, low and medium voltage systems and an automatic control system.

'A window of opportunity now exists to push for a cleaner and more efficient generation portfolio that will have significant impact on the energy sector and the environment for the next 40–50 years,' said Claude Mandil, Executive Director of the Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA), at the launch of a new publication: Tackling Investment Challenges in Power Generation in IEA Countries. Yet the many uncertainties now inherent in the power sector create risks for investors. These risks may lead to underinvestment – too little, too late, in the wrong location and with the wrong technology, adds the IEA.

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