Korea and Malaysia co-pilot $7m virtual power plant system

A consortium of South-Korea based utility and technology companies has been formed to address the long-term energy needs of both utilities and businesses across Malaysia.

South Korean utility Busan City Gas is partnering with smart energy IoT solutions firms Shihwa SNC and I-ON Communications develop a virtual power plant as part of a pilot project.

The consortium is collaborating with Malaysian utility Tenaga Nasional Berhad to integrate and tests an energy storage system with solar technology over a period of 30 months.

The integrated solution will be tested across five sites across Malaysia.

The project is valued at approximately $7 million and will be financed through entities directly affiliated with both the Malaysian and South Korean governments.

The Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning is co-funding the pilot.

Mr. James Oh, Chairman of I-ON, said: "This research collaboration with both our Malaysian and South Korean partners comes on the heels of I-ON's previously announced next generation VPP alliance with Japan-based TIS INTEC Group, in which we are offering and employing key components of I-ON's energy management platform to address the demand response needs of Japan's power grid companies.  

“Similarly, our Malaysia-focused initiative, together with TNB, will also maintain an eye towards integrating a proprietary next generation VPP that operates within its own cloud-based service environment, while utilising components of I-ON's next generation energy management platform- Micro-Grid, Prosumer, V2G- all of which are being introduced and brought to market as part of this collaboration."

In September, Malaysia will once again host POWERGEN Asia, which will spotlight the latest digital trends and technologies for power and utility companies.

This article first appeared on our sister site Smart Energy International

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