Steam Unit now Online at Iranian GTCC Plant


The steam unit of a combined cycle plant in Iran went online Sunday, helping pushing the facility’s overall electricity output.

The Kashan power plant is operational, with the steam unit working alongside two gas-fired units with a total capacity of 324 MW, according to reports. The steam turbine will up production capacity to as much as 484 MW.

Construction on the steam unit began in 2015 and cost about 16,500 billion rials (approximately $387 million).

Iran is working to supply more electricity within its borders but also to other countries. It currently supplies about 1,000 MW in power to Iraq, Afghistan and Pakistan, according to the Iran Daily.

The nation’s energy ministry hopes to boost overall output to 5,000 MW by this summer.

Mapna Group supplied the two MGT-70 heavy gas turbines and the MST-50C steam unit.


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