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Are you planning your marketing strategy? Looking for qualified leads or want to generate brand awareness? Look no further, advertise with Power Engineering International, the voice of the international power generation industry.

As the official publication of the Clarion Power & Energy Series eventsPower Engineering International offers the optimum vehicles for delivering your message in context with trusted editorial content to influential and engaged decision-makers.

Find out how to advertise with us to boost your ROI beyond the expo floor:

DIGITAL: Next best thing to face-to-face engagement

What’s in there for you?

  • Spread the net to cover an expanding prosumer universe
  • Piggyback off the Power Engineering International digital footprint and SEO ranking
  • Reach: Internet universe is bigger than any database
  • You can leverage your credibility
  • You can grow your audience
  • It improves the discoverability of your content

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Duration: 45min.
Speakers: 2-3 speakers.
Q&A included (15-20min).

Pre-event: Promotion campaign
  • x1 newsletter banner (on rotation basis) / x2 website banners (on rotation basis).
  • x3 targeted HTML mailers to a selection of international data – currently 70 000 industry professionals across the power/water and gas sectors. The third mailer is a reminder mailer on the day of the event.
  • Social media coverage – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • Website landing page with company branding.
Live webinar event:
  • Slide deck branding – shared with host publication.
  • Company contact details to appear in the end slide.
Post-event: 4-6 weeks promotion campaign – On-demand.
  • x1 targeted HTML mailer.
  • x1 website banner – On-demand (on rotation basis).
  • Social media coverage – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • x1 newsletter banner (on rotation basis).
  • Website landing page with company branding.
  • Data lead report to be provided post-event.

Watch our video and learn more information about webinars here


  • Each topic can cover 5-25min.
  • Podcasts don’t include visual elements.
  • Zoom is our preferred platform, ensure software is enabled.
  • Ensure a good internet connection is established before agreed recording time.
  • Ensure a solid background, natural light from behind is not a good visual.
Live video/audio recording:
  • Zoom interview will be recorded.
  • Include up to 3 participants, a moderator, a customer and company representative.
  • There are no visuals elements in podcasts, but footage can be repurposed for later campaigns.
Post-event promotion:
  • Podcast will include an intro and outro.
  • Podcast will be available on a variety of platforms, including Spotify and iTunes.
  • Included in newsletter promotion over 3-4 weeks – On-demand.
  • x1 targeted html mailer post event.
  • Social media coverage – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • The full podcast will be edited and promoted on relevant Power Engineering International website pages, including podcast home page.
  • Includes video on Youtube channel and shared for your own use.

Learn more about our podcast series

Build on-demand, it can include:

  • Monthly website banner: this extends your message and reach, increasing impressions and engagement.
  • Sponsored newsletter: can target specific topics, articles, or reader lists on Power Engineering’s website (banner + Name Tag + hyperlink).
  • HTML mailers: use for appointment setting, booth traffic driving, announcement, etc.
  • Presence on our social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.
  • Video content hosting: presence on our website, newsletter, YouTube, Facebook & LinkedIn.
  • Lead demand generation option (GPDR Compliance).

A special page about your company on which hosts all your content (all press releases, whitepapers, video content, etc.) and is hyperlinked to your website. It provides significant SEO benefit to partner content. Check out our partner profiles

PRINT: Top 8 benefits of integrating your brand in our printed editions

  • Reading on paper is slower and deeper
  • Paper-based reading is more focused
  • Print readers comprehend and remember more
  • Print boosts recall of other media
  • Print continues to raise awareness over time
  • A tactile reminder of your brand’s presence at the event
  • Longevity beyond the event
  • Catalyst to re-discover your brands & its content from the event through digital platforms

Click on our individual print products to learn more:

Here are just six advantages of print advertising.

  • Leveraged credibility
  • “Influentials” are swayed by print
  • Print readers have bigger attention spans
  • Unplugging is in
  • Print ads offer more flexibility and options
  • Print ads drive action.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: material deadline will vary per event and will be shared with customer on booking.

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Publishing regularly and on time: Customers expect you to deliver when you say you will, and the existence of a structured schedule for your content marketing makes it possible for you to plan your content ahead of time. If your company is holding a promotion or event in four months’ time, for example, you can devote 1 page of advertisement per issue.

Gives you a big picture view: It enables you to:

  • Plan for running features, such as the components of a series of posts on a specific topic.
  • Schedule content themes based on the time of year, such as New Year or Woman Day.
  • Maintain consistency of your core messages across a variety of topics.
  • Work with overlapping subjects to avoid duplication and highlight discrepancies.

Plenty of time to find ideas: How often are you out and about and you see something that gives you an idea for a blog post, a white paper or an eBook? But, by the time you’re ready to create your next piece of content, the idea has gone with the wind and you’re left racking your brains for subject matter.

With a comprehensive editorial calendar, however, you can take that idea, look for the best time to showcase it and jot it down for future use. Then you can research it and mull over it for a while before producing it, source input and comments from others. If your content production process involves several stakeholders, identifying suitable topics in advance improves your chances of getting consensus on the ideas, too.

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Native advertising is the use of paid ads that match the look, feel and function of our media format and will be included in social media feeds, or as recommended content on our web page. The reason why native advertising has proven to be so effective is that they are usually better received by their target audiences. This method helps to combat ad fatigue and further engages the audience. Because they don’t “feel” like advertisements, people are more inclined to view them and consume their content.

The Global Power & Energy Elites is industry’s moment to celebrate those at the forefront of innovation. It is also a great opportunity to position your brand amongst inspiring leaders and projects.

With the Rubik’s Cube in mind, this year’s Global Power & Energy Elites wants to take the traditional “think-outside-the-box” approach, and invert it.

The global power and energy industry emulates a Rubik’s Cube—where innovative concepts and approaches are driving dynamic, complex, multi-faceted, solutions with the right input and strategies.

We want to encourage industry stakeholders to look inside-the-box, recognise the innovation and passion within, and showcase the innovators and leaders that are shaping the modern power and energy markets. We want to inspire others to emulate similar models and practices.

Readers are given a glimpse into the personal leadership styles of influencers at the forefront of innovation and transition in the power and energy sector.

EVENT: Top 7 benefits to be our media partner:

  • Be part of our marketing campaigns and get exposure through ad materials onsite.
  • Connect your name directly to prominent and trusted brands in the industry, such as Enlit / Global Utility Week.
  • Expand your presence to new regions.
  • Grow the number of opportunities in the market strategically.
  • Increase contact with customers through onsite presence.
  • Strengthen your brand awareness through our network and extensive database.
  • Secure editorial coverage of your organisation at the conference.

Check out our event partners list.

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Your opportunity to be seen as a thought leader. Each completed and approved video will be uploaded into the Power Engineering International video channel, promoted via our newsletter (Premium package – 3 x promotions) and social media.

Watch video interviews on our YouTube channel

Your opportunity to promote or launch a product or increase product range awareness.

  • The interview will be conducted (pre-booked and arranged) at each partner’s exhibition booth. The interview will be conducted by our video journalist and videographer.
  • The turn-around time for first draft approval is dependent on the material supplied. We will allow maximum 2 changes to the video.
  • Each completed and approved video will be uploaded onto the Power Engineering International video channel, promoted via our newsletter (Premium package – 3 x promotions) and social media.

Watch video interviews on our YouTube channel

MAXIMISE BRAND AWARENESS! When choosing a partnership with any of Clarion’s Power & Energy Series events, you qualify for an AMPlify package with Power Engineering International to promote your product or service.

These holistic packages take your message beyond the walls of the event, increasing your exposure to market pre, during and post-event. AMPlify packages include up to 35% added value and further discounted pricing is offered on multiple bookings around events in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and India.

Would you like to know more about advertising with us? Connect with a consultant and contact us today!

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