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Vital UK-France interconnector under way

A major new project to install an interconnector linking the electricity markets of Britain and France via the Channel Tunnel has just put down its foundations.

Damaged interconnector to reactivate at end of March

Repairs to the anchor-damaged UK-France interconnector will be complete at the end of March, at a cost of £30-40m, according to French grid operator RTE.

New grid rules prompt higher UK electricity prices

New rules governing UK electricity trading due to be introduced today which will allow firms to trade wholesale power closer to real time than at present have led to a firming of power prices.

Power imports into UK hit lowest point in three years

Imports of electricity into the UK hit a three year low last month but were offset by increased domestic wind, coal and gas-fired power generation.

Electricity cable linking UK, France opened up

Operators of the single electricity submarine cable linking the UK and France agreed to open up access to the infrastructure used for electricity export and import between the two countries, following European Commission concerns.

BritNed to auction 150 MW capacity

Anglo-Dutch company BritNed is to auction off more capacity on its electricity interconnector between the UK and the Netherlands.

Capacity problem looms as main UK interconnector damaged

Storm Angus, which struck British shores last week, is suspected of having had a damaging impact on the UK’s biggest energy interconnector.