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How to wean Asia off coal-fired power

Journalist and one–time Bernie Sanders speechwriter David Sirota once said of Barack Obama that he campaigned in climate poetry then governed in fossil fuel prose.

Utility-scale wind and solar company launches with £24m SSE aid

A new company has been launched to accelerate the deployment of utility-scale solar and wind energy projects across the UK and Europe.

Smart Meters: Can smart meters take top billing in a changing climate?

In recent years sustainable, environmentally-friendly energy production, supply and usage have rapidly assumed top priority for governments and many others around the globe.

Outsmarting the problems with smart meters

 As the UK embarks on a nationwide smart metering programme, Mark England of Sentec looks at the complexities of the roll-out and the lessons to be learned from countries that have already gone through the process. 

Itron to install smart meters

BC Hydro picked Itron Inc. to supply approximately two million electric meters over the next two years for $270 million.

Get smart: Metering matters

As the UK embarks on a nationwide smart metering programme, Duncan Sinclair of Redpoint Energy looks at the way advanced meters can be used to overcome the problems of highly variable output from intermittent renewable sources, while Tom Fryers of Sentec looks at what the UK can learn from deployments in countries that are ahead of the game.

Open communication with smart metering

In the early part of this year, Siemens Energy opened up its previously proprietary Distribution Line Carrier (DLC) communications protocol, which utilizes the low-voltage network as a metering communications channel. This give utilities the opportunity to also deploy meters produced by other manufacturers within its automated metering and information system (AMIS).

Smart meter penetration to rise in Europe

A new report from market analyst Berg Insight predicts that smart meter penetration in Europe will reach an impressive 52 per cent by 2016.

UK smart meter rollout delayed

Rollout of the UK’s £11bn ($17bn) smart meter programme has been delayed until late 2016, according to statements last week by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.  

Greece gets smart meter rollout

A rollout of 45,000 smart meters is to begin in Greece – the first mass deployment of low voltage meters in the country.