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Macron commits to SMR reactors and green hydrogen by 2030

Emmanuel Macron said that by 2030 France must be a leader in carbon-free power generation, placing the focus squarely on nuclear energy and green hydrogen.

PEI Connect: China said what about coal?

The Chinese President Xi Jinping has committed to cease funding all new coal projects abroad.

Nuclear and renewables at heart of UK’s Net Zero Strategy

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has unveiled the UKs Net Zero Strategy, which aims for greater energy security through renewables and state-of-the-art British nuclear reactors.

Small modular nuclear reactors to be deployed in Poland

UK-based small modular nuclear reactor (SMR) firm URENCO this week announced a co-operation agreement with the Polish National Centre for Nuclear Research aimed at deploying its U-Battery technology in Poland. 

UK aims to deploy small modular nuclear reactors by 2030

The UK's Energy Technologies Institute is eyeing the deployment potential for small modular nuclear reactors in the country and has commissioned a study to investigate.

Safety approval granted for GE Hitachi small modular nuclear reactor

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved a final safety evaluation report for the BWRX-300 small modular reactor design (SMR). The NRC move is a...

China to lead small modular reactor market by 2050 – report

China will hold a lion's share of the global pipeline for new builds small nuclear reactors by 2050, states a new study by Wood Mackenzie

South Africa weighs big block nuclear vs small modular reactors

A fascinating breakdown of the pros and cons of a large-scale nuclear and small modular reactor (SMR) builds in South Africa.

China Nuclear starts building small modular reactor demo project

Construction has started on the multi-purpose small modular reactor demonstration project at Changjiang Nuclear Power Plant.

Finland eyes nuclear district heating

Finland is investigating the use of small modular nuclear reactors for district heating.