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Siemens signs $9bn deal with Egypt

Siemens has signed its single biggest ever order – worth €8bn ($9bn) – to provide gas-fired plants and wind power installations to Egypt.

Berlin announces new energy efficiency programme

Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has announced a new Energy Efficiency Incentive Programme providing support of EUR 165 million per year.

German coal levy decision delayed until review concluded

On Friday afternoon, German Minister Sigmar Gabriel stated that a decision on the proposed coal levy would be postponed until a review is conducted into the potential for job losses.

2.7 GW of German coal-fired power plants to be shut down

Intense discussions by Germany’s coalition government have led to a decision to order the shutdown of a total of 2.7 GW of coal-fired power capacity.

Germany moves closer to resolving loss-making power plants issue

An official at the German ministry for energy has confirmed that the government is getting closer to finalising a strategy designed to keep conventional power plants open.

Gabriel says coal to remain relevant

Germany’s economy minister says his country will not be phasing out brown coal before 2040, as the government looks to ways to ensure minimisation of job losses in coal regions.

Gabriel blames utility slump on ‘irresponsible speculation’

A report from respected German news magazine, Spiegel, claiming that Germany’s top utilities do not have the finances to pay for the decommissioning of nuclear power plants, has led to E.ON and RWE record their biggest share price slumps in 16 years.

Setback for Germany’s green energy distribution network

Germany’s plans to build a network to distribute its green energy has suffered a blow, with a network of pylons in the Halle region forced to be dropped due to a public outcry.

Coal plant shutdowns good news for German gas

Shutting down Gernany's aging coal-fired power plants could increase profits for the nation’s ailing gas power sector, according to new analysis.
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Germany closes nuclear liability loophole

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s German cabinet has drafted a bill to secure the full liability of energy companies for the costs of decommissioning nuclear plants and the disposal of waste.

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