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Fracking row continues as UK shale gas drilling recommences

Exploratory shale gas drilling will begin today in the UK for the first time in seven years.

UK Conservatives champions shale gas and electric cars

UK Conservative leader and Prime Minister Theresa May set out her party’s General Election manifesto on Thursday and it expressed a strong backing for shale gas and electric vehicles.

UK government steps in to allow fracking in England

Fracking for shale gas is to go ahead in northwest England despite opposition from residents and the local council.

Fracking in UK must meet strict carbon budgets says Climate Change...

Shale gas exploitation by fracking on a significant scale in Britain “is not compatible with the UK’s climate change targets” unless strict emissions criteria are met.

LR Senergy highlights shale gas safety issues

Following this week’s approval for Third Energy UK to carry out shale gas exploration in Yorkshire, England, a leading compliance and risk consultancy has highlighted the importance of safety for fracking.
Shale gas wells Lancashire

Task force advises UK to use shale gas revenue for CCS

A shale gas industry task force is recommending that revenues from the industry be used to fund the development of carbon capture and storage projects.

UK climate campaigner advocates shale gas

Bryony Worthington, the UK’s shadow energy minister and a former campaigner for environmental group Friends of the Earth, has advocated the use of shale gas in Britain.

Total calls off Danish shale gas probe

Total has ceased exploration for shale gas in Denmark, citing the limited amount found.

To shale or not to shale

The speakers at Tuesday’s Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum keynote seminar, ‘Shale gas in the UK: regulation, addressing challenges, and energy security’, presented a spectrum of views from pro- to anti-, with plenty of stops in between.
Capstone microturbines

Mircoturbines heading for US shale industry

An order for 25 C65 microturbines has been placed for use in the shale oil and gas sector in the western United States.

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