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PEI Connect: Japan extends life of ageing nuclear plant

The reactor is the oldest to be restarted since Fukushima and needed special approval to have its lifetime extended beyond the standard 40-year limit

Tanzania suffers power blackout

Tanzania has suffered a nationwide power blackout, with the country’s state-owned electricity company referring to it as being caused by a technical fault.

Independent review to examine Australian power blackout

The Australian government is to conduct an independent review to examine the causes of power blackout in South Australia State last week.

Fears of future power blackouts grow in the UK

The chairman of the UK’s Energy and Climate Change Committee, Tim Yeo, says government inaction means Britain is in danger of suffering energy shortages and blackouts in a few years.

Philippines power blackout caused by ‘generation deficiency’

What’s been described as a “tripping” of transmission lines has resulted in a huge power failure in the Philippines which left the capital city, Manila, and half of the country’s largest island without power.

Balancing the risks of power blackouts with the costs of ensuring...

Recent years have seen numerous commentaries about the risks of power blackouts in the UK as electricity supply margins get tighter and...

Venezuelan power blackout blamed on gas plant failure

The failure of a gas-fired power plant has been cited as the cause of a major blackout in Venezuela on Friday.

Electoral decision sparks power blackout in southern India

21 million people in the state Andhra Pradesh in India have been left without power as a result of a government decision to split the state.

Massive power blackout puts Taiwanese energy policy under scrutiny

An accidental power cut at Taiwan’s largest gas-fired power plant triggered a full scale blackout on Tuesday, leading to growing scrutiny of the government’s energy policy.

Tasmanian government confident diesel power can prevent blackouts

The government of Tasmania believes a decision to use diesel power generation on a temporary basis can prevent power blackouts, despite present and ongoing difficulties with its power infrastructure.

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