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Annual revenue for DER in microgrids to expand 18% by 2029

Revenue generated for the deployment of distributed energy resources in microgrids projects will expand by 18% between 2020 and 2029.
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Distributed fossil fuels dominate in microgrids installed in the US

Distributed fossil fuel generation accounted for 86% of installed microgrid capacity in the US in 2019, according to a new report issued by Wood Mackenzie.

Recording: The role of energy storage in microgrids

Join this live discussion which will focus on li-ion battery storage systems and their role within decentralised generation, such as microgrids. Paired with case studies, we discuss technical & customer applications and present benefits and economic benefits.
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New storage for microgrids to generate $40.1bn in revenue by 2029

Up to 36,938.5MW of new energy storage capacity is expected to be installed for microgrids projects over the next ten years - Guidehouse Insights.

ComED CEO offers insights on grid modernization and microgrids

Think of them as the four dials on a proverbial utility clock: Top of the hour grid reliability, quarter past intermittent renewables,...
Rolls-Royce MTU Microgrid Validation Center

Webcast Recording: The role of Microgrids in our rapidly changing energy...

Megatrends such as decarbonisation, globalisation and electrification are driving a growing need for more flexible, cost-effective and greener energy solutions. In this...

Paving the way towards more effective microgrids

Schneider Electric’s Mark Feasel discusses asset performance management technology and the challenges of developing more intelligent grids and microgrids.

Are microgrids the future for utilities?

There’s currently a lot of talk about how we support environmental legislation while balancing a grid under pressure, not to mention how to meet future energy demands. In answering those questions, there are many different solutions being discussed and explored.

Haiti to build microgrids with Taiwan loan

Haiti is set to build microgrids in isolated rural areas after receiving a $150m loan from Taiwan. 

Schneider paving the way towards more effective microgrids

Decentralized Energy recently caught up with Mark Feasel of Schneider Electric to speak about the company’s fourth revolution within Asset Performance Management (APM)—APM 4.0. The Schneider Vice-President also spoke about the challenges associated with developing more intelligent grids and microgrids.

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