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Bristol supercomputer tackling the menace of jellyfish

Bristol University, as reported earlier this week, is pioneering a technology which aims to prevent coastal nuclear and coal-fired power plants from being disrupted by swarms of jellyfish.

Swedish nuclear power plant foiled by jellyfish

A swarm of jellyfish have succeeded in shutting down Sweden's biggest nuclear power plant.

Coal-fired power plant survives jellyfish invasion

A potential shutdown of an Israeli power plant due to invasion by a swarm of giant jellyfish has been averted.  

Jellyfish population rise spells danger for coal and nuclear

Coastal coal-fired and nuclear power plants may be set for more problems as a result of an ongoing rise in jellyfish populations.

Forecasting tool to stop jellyfish disrupting power plants

Bristol University in England has been enlisted in an attempt to stop jellyfish interrupting the performances of coastal power plants.

Molluscs force German coal-fired power plant to shut down

The 757 MW Wilhelmshaven hard coal-fired power plant has had to be temporarily shut down after North Sea mussels clogged the facility's cold water inflow system.