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Market volatility in Spain increases trading risks and opportunities

Recent changes in wholesale markets with an increase in renewables and interconnector capacity are expected to increase revenue opportunities and risks for energy traders.

Grid Interconnection: Connecting power

The Basslink interconnector between Victoria and Tasmania in Australia will secure a reliable source of electricity to meet the growing demand for power, and allow Tasmania to enter into Australia's national grid.

UAE gets ready for interconnection

Grid interconnection is a priority for the UAE for all the usual reasons.

South American countries seek energy interconnection

Five South American countries are seeking to interconnect their energy systems in search of better regional integration.

Network Interconnection: A Latin connection

A new 1000 MW interconnection between Argentina and Brazil entered operation in July 2000, and construction of a second 1000 MW link has just begun. As competitive forces in the electricity markets grow in this region, the interconnection will become an important resource for both countries.

Norway and UK sign pact on renewables, CCS and interconnection

Norway and the UK have signed a deal to co-operate on a raft of energy initiatives covering gas, renewables and carbon capture and storage.

Brexit would prove setback for UK interconnection plans

If the UK votes to leave the EU next month, it would be damaging for prospects of greater power interconnectivity with other member states.

AEP pursuing membership in PJM Interconnection

American Electric Power and the PJM Interconnection, LLC, have entered into a memorandum of understanding that would provide for AEP to join PJM, AEP announced.

USCHPA welcomes new interconnection rules

- for small generators

Uruguay and Brazil interconnection to be completed this year

Uruguay's Minister of Industry Roberto Kreimerman told local newspaper El Pais that the electricity interconnection with Brazil will be completed in the second half of this year.

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