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UK’s Green Investment Bank launches

A state-funded Green Investment Bank (UK GIB) has officially opened in the UK and announced backing for a waste-to-energy plant.

Green investment bank HQ for Edinburgh

A green investment bank intended to attract billions of pounds in funding for new renewables projects will be run from Edinburgh, in a move designed partly to bolster the case against Scottish independence.

Board appointed for UK Green Investment Bank

The board of directors has been appointed to the UK's Green Investment Bank.

Europe approves UK’s Green Investment Bank

The European Commission has cleared the $4.8bn Green Investment Bank (GIB) to begin enabling low carbon investment in the UK.

Macquarie vows to build on Green Investment Bank legacy

Australian group, Macquarie, has asserted that it wishes to build on the success of the UK's Green Investment Bank, to make it into an investment vehicle for renewables throughout Europe.

UK Green Investment Bank to back hospital CHP

In its fourth investment in the UK's National Health Service (NHS), the nation's Green Investment Bank (GIB) is to provide £1.1 million (US$1.8 million) for a combined heat and power project.

Survey shows scepticism towards Green Investment Bank

A survey of renewable power industry experts has revealed concern about whether the Green Investment Bank (GIB) is up to the job of transitioning the UK to a greener economy.

Macquarie in frame to buy UK Green Investment Bank

Australian bank Macquarie is the front runner to buy the UK's Green Investment Bank in what would be the first major British privatization since Theresa May became Prime Minister in July.

Warning on delay to Green Investment Bank borrowing powers

Borrowing powers for the UK's new Green Investment Bank may be delayed beyond Britain's next general election, thereby removing a key plank of the government's strategy to generate growth through infrastructure investment.

UK Green Investment Bank supports heat recovery project

An energy efficiency investment fund supported by the UK's Green Investment Bank has provided funding for a heat recovery project in England's northeast region.