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Utility chiefs debate their future business models

Traditional utilities cannot compete with the likes of Amazon and Google and therefore must differentiate themselves and build on the trusted relationship they have with consumers lights on.

Google expands voice-enabled energy services

US utility Xcel Energy is working with Google to deliver tools customers can use to improve their energy efficiency and reduce bills.

E.ON-Google Sunroof platform to debut in the UK and Italy

E.ON and Google’s successful rooftop solar partnership, in the guise of the Sunroof platform, is set for further European progress when it debuts in the UK and Italy in the coming weeks.

Google announces on-site solar to power Belgian data center

Google has announced plans to build a data center in Belgium that will have an on-site solar farm for energy generation.

Google wins Zayed Future Energy Prize

Google today won the Zayed Future Energy Prize for Best Corporation.

E.ON and Google launch German solar power project

E.ON and Google have teamed up to focus on the potential for solar photovoltaic energy in Germany.

Google’s big data calculates US rooftop solar potential

A project by Google has found that almost 80% of rooftops in the US are suitable for solar systems. 

Google to hit 100 per cent renewables target by 2017

Technology giant Google has said its data centres and offices around the world will be 100 per cent powered by renewable sources from 2017.

Google to fund renewable power certification in Asia

Google is to provide seed funding for renewable power certification programmes in Asia. 

Google announces more investment in ‘sensible’ renewables

Google unveiled its latest plans to buy electricity from renewable energy sources at COP21 on Thursday, with its global energy chief telling a press conference that the decision was based on ‘business sense.’

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