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Time for Germany to reverse its nuclear phase-out policy?

In recent weeks the respective chief executives of E.ON and RWE, Wolf Bernotat and Juergen Grossmann, have warned that Europe’s biggest economy faces growing blackouts unless Germany permits the building of new nuclear power stations.

Germany makes plans to phase out nuclear power

Germany plans to gradually shift away from nuclear power generation starting in 2003 with the first of 19 plants.

Ruling: Germany must pay utilities over nuclear phase-out

Germany's constitutional court has ruled that the country's government must compensate utilities for the decision to phase out nuclear power entirely by 2022.

Will the ‘romantic’ energy policy of Germany end happily ever after?

The financial impact of Germany's nuclear phase out is now being felt in the boardrooms of the country's energy companies. But it will be a case of no pain, no gain, for its future energy mix.

RWE and E.ON continue with UK nuclear plans

RWE and E.ON – Germany's leading power producers – remain among the six utilities planning to build reactors in the UK despite Germany's nuclear phase-out, reports Bloomberg.

UK energy minister backs nuclear

The UK government and its people have no desire to imitate Germany's nuclear phase-out, despite the Fukushima incident, UK energy minister Charles Hendry told his party's annual conference.

E.ON’s nuclear plant closure threatens Bavarian energy security

E.ON  is citing unprofitability as the prime motive for plans to shut down the 1.3 GW Grafenrheinfeld nuclear reactor in May 2015, seven months ahead of the planned shutdown under Germany's nuclear phase-out law.

Areva wins German nuclear decontamination contract

Vattenfall has selected France's Areva for a decontamination project at a German nuclear power plant, the firm announced this week.

GE takes on Siemens in German gas turbine market

GE is to announce its complete German management team along with an expansion of facilities including its research centre in Munich and a German marketing campaign as it aims to grow in the German market, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Study assesses Germany’s energy policy impact on angry neighbours

Germany's neighbours have become increasingly critical of the consequences of the energy transition, or energiewende, on both their national grids and utility performances.