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Geothermal potential largely untapped in Latin America says report

Latin America’s geothermal potential remains mostly untapped and with few exceptions progress has been sluggish, reports the Inter-American Development Bank.
Exergy delivers three geothermal plants in Turkey despite Covid

Exergy delivers three geothermal plants in Turkey despite Covid

Three new geothermal plants have been brought online in Turkey by Italian energy company Exergy International.
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EU carbon price on heating vital to reach carbon neutral by...

According to the European Geothermal Energy Council, it is crucial the European Commission recognise the importance of decarbonising heating and make this a priority area for action.
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New Zealand and Caribbean to collaborate on geothermal

New Zealand and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Commission will study possible opportunities for the direct use of geothermal energy outside of electricity generation.

Ed’s note: Time to turn up the heat on geothermal

Geothermal always plays second fiddle to wind and solar in discussions about deploying more natural resources, yet harnessing the Earth’s heat is as natural as capturing the Sun’s rays.
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New geothermal company launches to drive sector development

Thermal Energy Partners, a developer of geothermal energy projects has partnered with Schlumberger New Energy to create a new company.

Building a head of steam

Why geothermal energy is vital to Indonesia and how a challenging plant overhaul was carried out.
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Croatia adopts renewables auction to drive energy transition

The Croatian government has introduced a provision to assign 2.26GW of renewable energy capacity under an auction scheme, which includes hydropower, wind, solar PV, biopower and geothermal energy.
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E.ON to expand Kirchweidach geothermal plant

E.ON has announced its plan to expand its geothermal plant in Kirchweidach in the state of Bavaria.

$6m Investment to unlock deep geothermal energy potential

Quaise has raised $6 million in seed funding to access deep geothermal energy.

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