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Synchronous condensers put vital spinning inertia back into decarbonized power grids

It is increasingly challenging for network operators to maintain grid strength and stability as the generation mix shifts to renewable energy. Heikki Vepsäläinen of ABB explains how synchronous condensers (SCs) can provide vital reinforcement.

Oxford study recommends no new fossil fuel power plants from next year

A research study from Oxford University has led to the authors' recommendation that no new fossil fuel power plants are built globally from next year.

Brazil makes conditions favourable for fossil fuel power

The Brazilian government is acting to ensure there are more fossil fuel power plants on the national grid.

New guides streamline power plant permitting process

Edison Electric Institute's Alliance of Energy Suppliers today introduced a guide series to help developers save time and money in gaining state approval for permitting a fossil fuel power plant.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will hold five "listening sessions" to help the agency update the Clean Air Act pollution standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel power plants and petroleum refineries.

Japanese utilities get approval for conventional power JV

The Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) has approved plans by Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings (Tepco) and Chubu Electric Power Co to integrate their fossil fuel power plants under their JERA Co joint venture (JV).

Alstom wins supply contract for Chinese supercritical plant

Alstom has penned a contract, worth close to EUR50m ($65m), with China State Development and Investment Corporation for the supply of 2 x 660 MW steam turbine generator units for a fossil fuel power plant in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Utility power plant investment: Why Europe needs smart megawatts

 The huge expansion of renewable energy in Europe will have a profound knock-on effect on the fossil fuel power plant portfolios of utilities in the region. Johannes Lambertz, CEO of RWE Power, outlines why older, inflexible coal plants will have to be shelved in favour of flexible plants, including coal, gas and nuclear.

Cutting the cost of carbon capture

Using current technology to capture the carbon in flue gas at fossil fuel power plants would increase the cost of electricity they produce by between 35 per cent and 85 per cent, but a simulation shows that using supported amine sorbents (SASs) instead could be a less expensive solution.

Indiana rule to cut power plant NOx emissions 66%

Nitrogen oxide emissions from fossil-fueled power plants are expected to decline 66% by May 2004, under a new emissions trading system adopted by the Indiana Air Pollution Control Board. The rule, which is subject to US Environmental Protection Agency review, targets power plants, large industrial boilers, and cement kilns.