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Report highlights need for nuclear flexibility in clean energy systems

As the growth of variable generators, like wind and solar, continue to gain traction around the world, it's important to question the level of flexibility of an energy source.

UK and South Korea announce successful trades in flexibility demonstration trial

Project Artemis has completed the successful demonstration of a flexibility trading platform in South Korea’s Peak Response market.

Recording: Season 2: Ep.2: Innovations in Energy Storage – New Energy...

Europe's net-zero ambition is resulting in a fast-evolving energy infrastructure requiring energy professionals to have an understanding across a range of topics, including centralised and distributed generation, flexibility, sector coupling, energy storage, carbon capture and more.

First local energy trading market launched on Orkney Islands

A new project to enable real-time energy trading of excess power on the Orkney Islands has gone live, allowing trading between renewable generation and local flexibility.

Electron consortium receives funding for blockchain-based flexibility exchange

Electron has been awarded funding BEIS to lead a consortium of UK energy companies in developing a multi-product flexibility exchange, named TraDER

Renewables will ‘become the new baseload’

Renewable energy will become the new base load and Wärtsilä is enabling the sector to meet demands for reliability and flexibility.

Canada invests $3 million in smart grid project

The project aims to help the utility reduce system costs and improve the long-term flexibility and reliability of the grid by leveraging a set of grid intelligence tools that monitor and control locally connected renewable energy generation, storage and residential demand management resources

Grid operators set roadmap for Britain’s smart energy transition

The UK’s electricity grid operators have unveiled a roadmap for a smart grid that they say will help deliver the flexibility needed to decarbonize the country’s energy system.

Vattenfall buys Dutch energy software services company Senfal

Vattenfall has bought 100 per cent of the shares of the Dutch artificial intelligence company Senfal, thereby adding new services for industry demand side flexibility and renewable generation optimization.

Why grid resilience is moving behind the meter

In energy terms, flexibility means having the ability to adapt to changes in the electricity system. 

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