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IRENA emphasises the role of hydropower in achieving energy transition

Hydropower is the largest source of renewable electricity worldwide and advancing its deployment is essential in driving the energy transition forward.

Rooftop solar remains untapped yet crucial for energy transition – BNEF

The global market for rooftop solar energy remains untapped yet is crucial for the world to achieve 2050 net-zero targets, say BloombergNEF and Schneider Electric.

North Sea’s oil & gas landscape ideal for energy transition – report

A report from TNO and the Net Zero Technology Centre show the opportunities that cross sector collaboration in the North Sea can bring.

Is AI the key to unlocking a faster energy transition?

A new study posits that "AI can be used to accelerate a more equitable energy transition and build trust for the technology throughout the industry".

‘Hydrogen hype threatens to delay clean energy transition’ says report

The latest wave of hype masks the fact that most hydrogen production today pollutes communities and drives climate breakdown.

‘There is no energy transition without creation of value’

To us, a just transition means creating the right balance amongst, and value for, the stakeholders to deliver a net zero economy.

PEI Connect: Mining the minerals to drive energy transition

We consider whether deep-sea mining is a necessary tool to achieve global energy transition.

Energy transition presents profitable prospects for investors – IRENA

The energy transition across the globe presents a big business opportunity for stakeholders in various sectors, according to IRENA's World Energy Transitions Outlook.

Japan pledges $10bn to drive ASEAN energy transition

Japan has pledged $10 billion in financial aid to ASEAN states in order to help their progress with energy transition.

Data sharing critical to wind sector’s role in energy transition

For the wind energy sector to be fully competitive in the energy transition, stakeholders need to adopt best data sharing practices - study.