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European Technology & Innovation Platform for Smart Networks for Energy Transition

What’s the innovation formula to deliver the energy transition?

Members of the European Technology & Innovation Platform for Smart Networks for Energy Transition consider the question: What if we accelerated innovation and customer empowerment in the European energy sector?
Why innovation is key for the energy transition

Why innovation is key for the energy transition

The energy sector needs to do more to open its doors to innovators and entrepreneurs, says Marloes Wichink-Kruit of InnoEnergy, Europe’s sustainable energy innovation accelerator.

IRENA and CDF to accelerate energy transition in the Caribbean

The International Renewable Energy Agency and the CARICOM Development Fund to accelerate the energy transition in the Caribbean.

Report ranks countries commitment to energy transition

The 2020 World Energy Trilemma Index reveals the latest progress for almost 130 countries on policy development and performance related to Energy Security, Equity and Environmental Sustainability.
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Extending existing wind sites vital for UK’s energy transition

Repowering and extensions of existing onshore wind sites in GB have yet to receive the same attention from policymakers as new build.
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Croatia adopts renewables auction to drive energy transition

The Croatian government has introduced a provision to assign 2.26GW of renewable energy capacity under an auction scheme, which includes hydropower, wind, solar PV, biopower and geothermal energy.

Ed’s note: Energy transition causing big change on small islands

Besides the fact that islands are most at risk of rising sea levels caused by climate change, their remote position makes them vulnerable in terms of energy security. Interesting initiatives are developing to stimulate an energy transition, writes Pamela Largue.

Recording: Indian Energy Transition 2.0 – The New Paradigm

The series aims to provide industry leaders and their extended teams regular insights, expert viewpoints and thought leadership content from not just government and financial institutions but also their counterparts from global utility industry; helping them navigate this current socio-economic upheaval.
Utilities energy transition

Tools to help utilities adapt their business models to the energy...

As more countries work toward transitioning to a cleaner and more flexible grid, there is an increasingly urgent need for a clear set of utility business model tools and regulatory pathways.
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Asia reassesses energy transition strategies

Asia has reassessed its energy transition strategies by accelerating utility digital transformation, according to Black & Veatch.

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