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PEI Connect: Time to put nuclear back in Europe’s energy toolbox?

European industry is calling for greater emphasis on nuclear power in the face of a gas crunch and stringent emissions targets.

The energiewende contradiction

To the chagrin of many in Germany, Merkel’s administration seems to be embracing the contradiction of an energiewende based on coal.

Debunking Energiewende myths

Expanding Germany's transmission grid in order to accommodate increasing amounts of renewable energy is a well-known cornerstone of the country's effort to meet its 2020 climate targets.

EDF chief attacks Energiewende

The chairman of France’s biggest utility has blasted Germany’s energy policy, referring to it as a disaster.

Keeping on course during the Energiewende

Germany's energy manufacturing base depends on stable government policies that stimulate success and investment in the sector.

Kiel cogeneration plant a ‘flagship of Energiewende’

Stadtwerke Kiel has approved the go-ahead for what is being touted as Germany’s most flexible power plant.

Germans pessimistic on energiewende success

People in Germany are more pessimistic than the rest of Europe regarding their country’s progress on its energy transition, or engergiewende.

Coal continues to overshadow the Energiewende

New data released by the Fraunhofer Institute provides food for thought for both sides arguing about the success or failure of Germany’s Energiewende.

German government tensions over Energiewende progress

The junior partner in the German government, the Social Democrats, says that the country’s energy transition cannot be held up while the other governmental parties resolve their internal differences on power transmission.

Index shows Sweden leads the way on energiewende

Europe’s largest solar research institute has produced a new index, which shows Sweden tops the league table in terms of successful transition towards renewable power.