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‘Energiewende has made things worse for climate’ says report

As Bonn this week hosts the COP23 climate talks, a new report claims that Germany’s Energiewende programme “has made things worse for the climate”.

Is gas power about to supersede coal in Germany?

Germany has long been lauded for its Energiewende policy, but its achievement in facilitating renewables has been somewhat tainted by a continuing reliance on coal-fired power. With the German General Election coming up on the 24th September, there are some soundings that the relationship with coal is about to change, but not everyone is convinced.

Energy association chief says Germany ought to favour gas over coal

The head of Germany’s biggest energy industry associations, BDEW, or Federal Association of Energy and Water Management says the government ought to be using gas-fired power to backbone the Energiewende, or energy transition.

District energy resurgence as German cities respond to Energiewende

Many German public utilities have had a difficult time adapting to the challenge of the government’s Energiewende policy, however cities such as Munich and Hannover are leading initiatives to transform their organisations.

German public utilities feel Energiewende pinch

German public utilities, or stadtwerke, are struggling with digitalization and the switch to renewable energy, which has swept in, as a result of the German government’s Energiewende policy.

EON boss – Fossil power sector set for more M&A in...

E.ON’s Johannes Teyssen was the headlining speaker at this year’s FT Energy Transitions Conference in London and in a wide-ranging interview, he spoke about the likely consolidation of conventional power utilities, whether others should follow his company’s example, the pros and cons of the German energy transition, and why the country now needs an Energiewende 2.0.

Ex-Innogy boss says German establishment can’t admit Energiewende blunder

A former head of RWE Innogy has told a meeting at the House of Commons in London that he believes the German government is refusing to acknowledge the possibility that its Energiewende policy is deeply flawed.

Vattenfall plans $3.4bn Energiewende boost for Germany

Berlin and other German cities are set to be the beneficiaries of a $3.4bn investment in the country’s Energiewende policy from Swedish utility Vattenfall.

RWE announces 45 per cent decline in full-year profit

The Energiewende continues to impact on Germany’s traditional electricity generators, with RWE announcing a 45 percent decline in full-year profit following a slump in power prices.

Coal continues to overshadow the Energiewende

New data released by the Fraunhofer Institute provides food for thought for both sides arguing about the success or failure of Germany’s Energiewende.

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