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Wind power variability points to importance of storage – EnAppSys

Wind generation was the largest contributor to Britain's power mix for a record 28 successive hours in May – the first time this trend has exceeded 24 hours. However, data recorded for the first week in June by EnAppSys, indicates the value of developing an energy storage complement.

EnAppSys predicts more power sector mergers

Market monitoring firm EnAppSys, sees an increased possibility of mergers over the next few years within the flexible generation space, as business models move away from a passive to a more aggressive trading approach.

EnAppSys notes strong weekend solar performance in UK

Despite it still being early in the year, Saturday and Sunday the 25th and 26th of March saw very high levels of solar generation in the UK, with this flattening the demand shape for coal and gas plants over this weekend period, aside from the evening peaks.

EnAppSys: Quick response generation the key to avoiding UK blackouts

Energy data analysts, EnAppSys, says that the ability of power generators to respond to demand is a more crucial component to combating potential power blackouts than adding extra capacity.

IFA1 interconnector fire to spark further power price rises

Power prices are set to soar once more in the next couple of days following a major fire at one of the interconnectors that links Britain with France.

New record for day-ahead power prices in Great Britain

New records have been set for day-ahead power prices, energy market analyst EnAppSys has highlighted.

Britain hits power imports record

Britain has set a new record for electricity imports underlining the growing importance of interconnectors to the country’s power mix.

France overtakes Norway to become largest net power exporter

France has overtaken Norway to regain its position as the biggest net exporter of power in Europe in the first half of 2021.

European carbon prices hit record levels as demand increases

As lockdowns eased across Europe and electricity demand returned to pre-COVID levels, carbon allowance prices rose to record levels in the second quarter.

Market volatility in Spain increases trading risks and opportunities

Recent changes in wholesale markets with an increase in renewables and interconnector capacity are expected to increase revenue opportunities and risks for energy traders.