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Ed Davey expected to take UK Energy portfolio as Huhne resigns

Business Minister Ed Davey is the frontrunner to become the new UK Energy Secretary in a cabinet reshuffle expected in the wake of the resignation of Chris Huhne.

Ed Davey says politicians must not ‘flunk’ climate change chance

UK Energy Secretary Ed Davey yesterday spoke of his pride in helping to deliver low-carbon legislation in Britain and added that he felt the world was on the cusp of a breakthrough on tackling climate change.

Davey outlines four steps of UK Energy Bill

UK Energy Secretary Ed Davey yesterday confirmed that the government's Energy Bill will be published next month.

War of words at UK department of energy

The UK's energy secretary, Ed Davey, has berated the Conservative Party for their pledge to end wind subsidies.

Nuclear and renewables make joint appeal to UK government

The UK's renewables and nuclear sector leaderships have take the unprecedented step of writing a joint appeal to the Energy Secretary, Ed Davey, asking him to ensure the government does not abandon their commitment to decarbonisation targets.

Charities warn UK government against shale gas exploration

The UK government has been warned against "jumping on the shale gas bandwagon" by three leading environmental groups.

Davey and Heappey appointed to ADE

The Association for Decentralised Energy in the UK has announced that former government energy secretary,Sir Ed Davey and James Heappey MP have been announced as vice-presidents of the organisation.

UK heralds new dawn in gas power generation

The UK's energy secretary Ed Davey says that 20 new gas fired power generation station are to be built in the country.

UK energy secretary says right wing jeopardising renewable investment

Ed Davey, the UK's energy secretary says right wing hardliners in the coalition conservative party are endangering lucrative investment in renewable energy.

UK’s largest power plant opens biomass facility

The energy secretary, Ed Davey, has opened the UK's largest renewable electricity generator at Drax, the country's largest power station.