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Origami Energy’s demand side response play

Alex Howard of Origami Energy speaks with Diarmaid Williams about the demand side response opportunity in the UK. 

Avoiding infrastructure costs with demand side response

Diarmaid Williams speaks with Alex Howard, Origami Energy's head of strategy and solutions, about using demand side response to avoid heavy energy infrastructure costs in the UK

UK auction secures 312 MW of demand-side response capacity

The UK's National Grid has secured over 312 MW of turndown demand-side response capacity in its Transitional Arrangements auction. 

Demand side response could remove 9.8 GW from grid

The UK could save billions in energy costs through businesses more effectively managing their electricity demand and onsite generation, according to a new report.

The role of demand-side management in Europe’s energy transition

Azad Camyab, the founder and CEO of UK-based demand-side response aggregator Pearlstone Energy shares his thoughts on the opportunities and barriers within the market and how they can be taken advantage of or addressed.

Flexitricity launches energy trading service on back of ‘seismic’ industry change

UK demand side response aggregator Flexitricity is launching a "transformational" new energy trading service.

Enel X awarded 554MW demand response at UK’s capacity auction

Enel X UK Limited was awarded 554MW of demand side response capacity for 2024-25 delivery in Great Britain's Capacity Market.

Essential need for demand response embodied by Origami

The UK'S prioritisation of demand side response (DSR) is being monitored internationally, as the country's present energy system is seen as a harbinger for the rest of the world to follow.

District heating scheme to participate in DSR

A local council in the UK has signed-up its fledgling combined heat and power-based district heating scheme to provide demand side response services to National Grid.

Scheme finds low-carbon technologies ‘less disruptive’ than thought

Additionally, time-of-use tariffs enabled by smart meters "could deliver value in the next 10 years, when delivered in conjunction with energy suppliers", while demand-side response (DSR) is "fit for business as usual today".