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Polish energy company secures EBRD funding to decarbonise grid

Tauron Polska Energia has secured €55.8m in funding from EBRD to implement its grid modernization and decarbonisation strategy.
Nexans image of city lights

Nexans commits to carbon neutrality by 2030

The shift by major industrial groups to be more committed to energy decarbonisation is more of a priority than ever before and Nexans has pledged to do their part.

Europe must ramp up renewables argues Eurelectric

Eurelectric’s Power Barometer 2020 calls for accelerated rollout of renewable energies alongside decarbonisation of end-user energy use to meet EU climate targets.
decarbonisation Alberta Siemens

Siemens Energy and Kineticor to provide 8% of Alberta’s energy supply

Siemens Energy and clean energy projects developer Kineticor have partnered to advance Canada’s decarbonisation efforts.
UK 2050

UK’s National Grid 2050 scenarios – net zero ‘requires immediate action’

The UK’s power network operator National Grid ESO has published its latest annual energy system forecast to 2050, the country’s target year for complete decarbonisation. Three of the four projected scenarios see the country meet the target, but with several urgent actions required.

Hydrogen could meet up to half of Britain’s energy demand by...

Market analytics firm, Aurora Energy Research, has published a major report highligting the role of hydrogen as a key enabler to the decarbonisation of our energy system.
cleantech startups

New partnership targets startups for global energy reform and decarbonisation

RMI has formed a new alliance with investment firm Emerald Technology Ventures to accelerate decarbonisation and the global energy transformation.
Austria net zero

IEA warns where Austria’s ambitious decarbonisation targets may slip

Austria is committed to reaching carbon neutrality a decade earlier than the goal set by the European Union, however, the government will need to step up decarbonisation efforts across all parts of its energy sector, according to the International Energy Agency.
green hydrogen

HVDC, green hydrogen can ensure cost-effective decarbonisation

Decarbonisation is difficult to achieve cost-effectively but the solution may lie in the development of renewable energy carriers and new zero-carbon energy supply chains.

How the drive towards decarbonisation is changing business models

Anne-Laure de Chammard, the director of strategy at Engie, discusses how the worldwide push for decarbonisation is forcing big power producers and energy providers to change their business models.

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