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Cybersecurity for a decentralising energy system

60-Minute session The webinar is aiming to explore the cybersecurity threats to an energy system that is increasingly...

Webcast Recording: Cybersecurity for a decentralising energy system

The webinar is aiming to explore the cybersecurity threats to an energy system that is increasingly made up of smaller renewable generation assets and forms of distributed generation, such that the grid system is potentially vulnerable to the greater number of connection points and lack of a central hand in ensuring security of the system.

Ukrainian cyber-attack could be replicated elsewhere

A recent cyber-attack on Ukraine's electricity network could be replicated in the UK, according to a member of a US investigation into the resulting blackout.
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Power and utility firms unprepared for cyber attacks

A survey of power and utility bosses on cyber attack vulnerability found that just 11 per cent felt that their current data security measures fully met their needs.

Smart grid security ‘way behind’ cyber attackers

Utility companies are predicted to spend $14bn on security upgrades to smart grids between this year and 2018 as the industry “plays catch-up” on cyber crime.

UK to conduct nuclear cyber attack simulation with US

The UK is planning joint exercises with the US to test both nations’ readiness for a cyber attack on a nuclear power plant.

How to protect energy infrastructure from cyber attack

The cybersecurity of critical infrastructure and assets has been a growing concern to businesses, consumers and the UK government for several years.

Nuclear sector not ready for cyber-attacks says report

The nuclear power industry must improve its readiness for cyber-attacks in the face of growing risk, a new report has found.

Middle East cyber attacks ‘widespread’ and target OT

A new report has found that cybersecurity breaches in the Middle East are widespread and frequently undetected, with 30 per cent of the region’s attacks targeting operational technology.

Middle East energy sector most at risk of cyber attack

The energy sector in the Middle East is more vulnerable to cyber attacks than any other power market in the world, according to DNV KEMA.

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