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Spanish companies commit €50m for green hydrogen project using existing assets

The first green hydrogen plant that benefits from the infrastructure of a conventional power generation plant and the national distribution gas network in Amorebieta (Biscay) is set to be launched in Spain.

How Uniper Technologies is ready for the digital ‘tipping point’

In a digital energy space that is getting more crowded by the week, Uniper Technologies likes to think that it has big advantage: as an owner and operator of conventional power plants, the company has been doing ‘digitalisation’ long before it became a buzzword.

New plans to finance sustainable growth could support new investments in...

The European Commission  published plans to help finance sustainable growth on Thursday. These could help re-direct capital from conventional power plants to wind energy, according to WindEurope.

Swedish power plant opts to burn H&M clothes instead of coal

A combined heat and power plant in Sweden is using clothing discarded by well-known retail chain Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) instead of the conventional coal and oil fuel previously used.

UK government outlines re-training options for fossil power engineers

The UK’s Department for Business, Innovation & Skills says its Trailblazer initiative is the key to re-training for coal and gas-fired power plant engineers looking to adapt when conventional power is phased out.

TenneT chief says batteries offer ‘excellent alternative’ to power plants

Gineke van Dijk, senior manager for customers and markets of TenneT, the Netherlands’ national grid operator believes batteries will prove to be an “excellent alternative” to conventional power plants in providing balancing services, especially as a complement to increased solar and wind deployment.

Indian province pushes off-grid policy

The Indian province of Maharashtra is looking to unveil an off-grid policy, in order to relieve the burden on conventional power plants.

UK analysis says German wind chief’s assertion doesn’t stand up

Comments made by the German Wind Power Association’s president Hermann Albers with regard to wind’s ability to compensate for the closure of conventional and nuclear power plants have been called into question by an independent energy sector data analysis consultancy.

Germany moves closer to resolving loss-making power plants issue

An official at the German ministry for energy has confirmed that the government is getting closer to finalising a strategy designed to keep conventional power plants open.

Europe’s energy makers on the energy transition

The rise of renewables requires the engines driving Europe’s future conventional power plants to be flexible in order to support increased use of wind and solar technologies, while also being low-cost and sustainable. 

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