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ABB shares secrets of success in Asia

With demand for electricity outpacing supply by 7 percent a year in Asia, ABB has chosen to take the challenge and work toward reaping some of the rewards in this region. And it`s a strategy that`s paying off, according to Rolf H. Kehlhofer, ABB president of gas-turbine and combined-cycle power plants.

Designing efficiency

The most powerful 60-Hz heavy-duty gas turbine available is this Model V84.3A, developed and tested by the Siemens Power Generation Group. It achieves an electrical output of 170 MW and a simple-cycle efficiency of 38 percent. Their high- performance figures were measured on the gas-turbine bed at the Siemens/KWU manufacturing plant in Berlin, Germany. It is anticipated that the new turbine will achieve at least a 58-percent combined-cycle efficiency. According to Siemens, one of the most import

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