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Carbon Capture and Storage Association appoints Ruth Herbert as CEO

Ruth Herbert has been selected as CEO of the Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA).

Deploying CCUS could deliver 10,000 new jobs in UK says report

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) concludes that CCUS is a necessity not an option for achieving net zero.

Webcast 7 Sep: Green is the new Black | Hydrogen, challenges...

In this episode, we will address the challenges and opportunities of hydrogen, and in the final episode, we will explore digitalisation and technology innovation.
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How the oil & gas sector is driving innovation in carbon...

Carbon capture utilisation and storage will play a significant role in supporting the traditionally emissions-heavy oil and gas sector advance towards net zero.

Are renewables really sustainable?

As the world races towards energy transition, we take a look at some of the key renewable technologies and the impact they have on the environment.

Webcast Recording: Green is the new black | Carbon capture, utilisation...

In the second episode of the series, ‘Green is the new black for oil & gas’, we explore how the oil and gas sector is employing the latest carbon capture technologies to meet net zero goals.

Swedish Energy Agency awards €30m to innovative CCU project

Swedish Project AIR is an industrial concept to produce methanol from a variety of recovered end-of-life streams and hydrogen from electrolysis.

Carbon Capture and Storage: Carbon capture and storage: the race is...

Two years ago Germany’s E.ON, the company that runs Powergen in the UK, began the process of creating Britain’s first large pilot-scale carbon capture test rig.

DoE pours $52m into clean hydrogen R&D

The US Department of Energy has invested $52.5 million towards the research and development (R&D) of clean hydrogen technologies.
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Investors look for greener markets to reduce fossil fuel exposure

The global investment in technologies enabling the energy transition has reached $500 billion in 2020, a new IEEFA report has found.

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