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Electron consortium receives funding for blockchain-based flexibility exchange

Electron has been awarded funding BEIS to lead a consortium of UK energy companies in developing a multi-product flexibility exchange, named TraDER

Siemens and DEWA working on revolutionary blockchain strategy for Dubai

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and Siemens have partnered to transform Dubai into the world’s first government to conduct all its applicable transactions via blockchain by 2020. DEWA and...

Artemis and OSIsoft partner to revolutionize the grid through blockchain

Artemis Energy Services and OSIsoft LLC have announced their partnership to securely track, trace, and trade energy while optimizing the electric grid. Artemis Energy,...

EON puts customer in control of energy data with blockchain prototype

E.ON has developed a blockchain technology that says will allow its customers to have transparency and complete control over their own energy data.

Blog: Blockchain’s coming of age in the enterprise world

At the Business Blockchain Summit in London recently, Dale Chrystie, FedEx’s Blockchain strategist, invoked the words of FedEx founder Frederick W. Smith, who said that in business there were no prizes coming second: to stay ahead, business must innovate.

EWF launches world’s first open source blockchain for the energy industry

The Energy Web Foundation (EWF) this week announced that it has launched the world’s first public, open-source, enterprise-grade blockchain tailored to the energy sector: the Energy Web Chain (EW Chain).

Blockchain project aims to unlock ‘siloed’ energy potential

A new project aims to use blockchain to help create a shared register for power generation and energy storage asset data in the UK.

ABB and Italian utility in blockchain pact for solar prosumers

ABB is working with Italian utility Evolvere on how to use blockchain technology to deliver transparent and secure peer-to-peer energy transactions.

Grid tech company Kaluza invests in blockchain firm Electron

Grid technology firm Kaluza is investing in British blockchain company Electron.

IKEA research lab blends solar with blockchain

IKEA’s research and design laboratory SPACE10 has launched a project to explore how solar power can combine with blockchain technology.

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