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New DNV partnership to deliver cost and data benefits for wind...

DNV GL and Leosphere have launched a partnership to drive cost reduction, increase efficiency and assurance benefits for wind farms.

World Meteorological Organization reiterates global warming message

The World Meteorological Organization is standing over the data recently released, which is reinforcing the message that man-made activities are contributing to adverse global climate change.

Vahrenholt rails against the ‘climate priests’

At a mid-January meeting in parliament buildings in London, Professor Fritz Vahrenholt provided a very detailed monologue on the motivations behind Germany’s energy transition, and why he feels it’s misguided and potentially disastrous.

Into the frying pan

Spare a thought for the people of Kuwait, where temperatures reached a record 54°C last week – among the highest ever recorded on the planet.

Radiodetection launches cable and pipe locator range with compass and dynamic...

Over two years ago, Radiodetection launched the popular RD7000 range of utility specific locators, offering high performance in an ergonomic and user-friendly platform. The RD7000+ products that replace them focus on core user requirements by incorporating Dynamic Overload Protection to improve locating performance in electrically noisy areas and Compass, which determines and displays the orientation of the target cable or pipe, simplifying route determination and helping to improve depth measurement accuracy.

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