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Nuclear crucial for Korea ” WNA director

The head of the World Nuclear Association (WNA) believes that South Korea needs to retain its faith in nuclear energy as a means of maintaining its energy independence.

India ‘committed’ to growing nuclear share – WNA

The World Nuclear Association's top adviser in India says the country is determined to grow its nuclear power capacity, despite â€Ëœconsiderable challenges' that must be met.

WNA releases report on health of global nuclear sector

The World Nuclear Association has released a new report, which shows the nuclear power sector to be in a positive state.

WNA- Failing to value nuclear shows ‘poor understanding of energy realities’

Those who talk down the benefits of nuclear power are showing a poor understanding of current energy realities, according to the World Nuclear Association.

‘No country in the world has decarbonised without using nuclear’ says WNA chief

On the day that the Hinkley Point new nuclear project got the go-ahead from the UK government, the director general of the World Nuclear Association said that "we want nuclear to work in harmony with the other low carbon options".

WNA backs European Pressurised Reactor’s merits while deploring gas

The World Nuclear Association has responded to concerns being expressed in mainstream media about the reliability of EDF's European Pressurised Reactors (EPR), while also questioning the merits of gas power if new nuclear goes unbuilt.

New nuclear build prospects ‘strong’ despite Westinghouse bankruptcy – WNA

The bankruptcy of Toshiba's US nuclear unit, Westinghouse, is unlikely to have a negative effect on new nuclear builds, according to the World Nuclear Association.

Nuclear to account for 25 per cent share of power generation mix by 2050 – WNA

Agneta Rising, Director General of the World Nuclear Association, told delegates at the organisation's annual symposium in London on Thursday that the nuclear power industry ought to aim for a quarter of the global power generation mix by mid-century.

Dissent at increased Chinese influence in UK nuclear sector

The British government has come in for criticism after a deal was struck which allows China greater influence in the UK's nuclear power sector.

The Ideal Future Power Generation Mix ” Nuclear Power Perspective

The latest PEi Google Hangout features a conversation with David Hess of the World Nuclear Association on how the world's future power mix might look if emissions are to be reduced while security and affordability of supply are maintained.